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2017?! Yikes!

Greetings all! It’s been a while. It seems like 2015 was just the warm-up lap. Think that went fast? Watch 2016 fly by!

What of note happened in 2016… It’s like when you’re asked to note down all the parts of your job. It actually takes effort to think of it all. One of Gandalf’s first lines in ‘Fellowship of the Ring’ had it right:

“Well, what can I tell you? Life in the wide world goes on much as it has… full of its own comings and goings…”

So yeah, nothing terribly exciting happened. Work, family life, a season of rugby that was nowhere near as successful as the one two years before, signed back up to the gym almost immediately afterwards…

Writing, you say?

There was plenty of that… for 6 months. The second half of the year was a big block of nothing, while the first half was fighting to make True Love’s Last Kiss the right length. Initially it was seven chapters, then it became ten, then twenty, then eighteen… then I lost the thumb drive that had it all, and lost a year and a half of work. Feeling a bit dumb about that is the understatement of the decade, but what can you do? It can be salvaged from submissions to my writers’ group.

So, priority #1 is find a way to finish True Love’s Last Kiss. That means re-instilling some of the self-discipline that has fallen by the wayside. After that, possibly start Book 2 in the series, maybe go Monty Python and opt for something completely different.

Yes, actually post something of consequence on this page, which has been terribly neglected for two whole years. Make it part of the discipline re-instillation program.

Let’s see how we go with those aims. I hope your 2017’s are going well thus far, and that you’re on your way to chasing down your resolutions, hopes and dreams =)

New England @ Atlanta for SB51 😉




‘New Chapter 1’ had ideas of its own, and turned into:


An extended prologue to the main character of True Love’s Last Kiss, we meet our protagonist during her flight from justice as she accumulates a motley collection of pursuers. Claiming innocence, what did she supposedly do to warrant the pursuit? Who made the accusations against her? Heading for the one region where she will finally be out of reach, is it a matter of when, not if, she is caught?

The story sets the shadows for TLLK, so the exchange of revelations between Grace and <<redacted>> are both surprising and sufficiently foreshadowed.

And who doesn’t love an independent lady who stands up for herself and tries to fight her way out of trouble?

– ♥ –

Luckily enough, quite a few competitions have popped up on the national scene. After a bit of spit-shining of ‘Evasion’ and the first few chapters of TLLK, it might be a good gauge of development to see how they’d stand up against some competition…

Have you got your own stories that need that extra bit of help to reach their potential? Below are some Australian competitions that might pique your interest:

The Richelle Prize for Emerging Writers (Applications from 4th April to 1st June 2016)

The Australian / Vogel’s Literary Award (Entries for 2017 are now open)

The Barbara Jefferis Award (Applications from 8th March to 2nd May 2016)

UWRF Writers’ Prize (Applications from 21st January 2016 to 14th May 2016)