A kickass deal, it is a-coming!

Thankfully, revealing a great book deal that is arriving soon won’t land me in jail for insider trading or get me noted down on any Central American pages =)

The awe-inspiringly prolific Demelza Carlton, a member of the humble Writers’ Group I cohabit many amazing published and up-and-coming authors, who has published such wide and varied series as The Nightmares Trilogy, The Turbulence and Triumph Series, Ocean’s Gift, The Mel Goes To Hell Series and most recently The Romance Island Resort Series, is about to put out a mind-bogglingly brilliant deal.

Be sure to keep your eye on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Youtube… wow, she’s pretty much everywhere!



The Shape Events Take in the Human Mind–William Trevor’s “After Rain”

Wow. Far too clever for me =)


Finally, I am back to blogging again, and it has been a long time since I could really call myself a regular blogger, several months in fact.  Therefore, I hope my readers will be patient with a very long post, to make up for all the time away.  Also, I need to issue spoiler alerts for the short stories in this volume, but since they are literary short stories and not suspense or mystery ones, but ones which a person might read again and again for their staying power and quality, I don’t feel so bad about that.  So here goes:

In his well-known short volume The Sense of an Ending, Frank Kermode said, “It is not expected of critics as it is of poets that they should help us to make sense of our lives; they are bound only to attempt the lesser feat of making sense of…

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